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Hi, I'm Josh Shone - a software developer living in Berlin, originally from Canberra, Australia. I love technology and have a special interest in human - machine interaction. Sport and the outdoors keep me sane.

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I've worked as a developer for over 10 years, with a broad range of experience from web development and native apps, to backend and system languages like C++ and Go. I'm also a long-time linux and open-source enthusiast.

In my free time I like to go bouldering, sing karaoke, and play volleyball. I'm a big fan of bicycle transport; I cycle everywhere all-year-round - rain, hail or shine.


My current position as full-stack software developer at colorfy GmbH covers a wide-range of domains and technologies, appiled to fast-paced agency projects. This includes back-end development, cloud operations, front-end UI development and occasionally embedded software development.

I worked briefly at flowkey GmbH, completing several projects for their piano learning web-app such as the implementation of their 'Netflix' style redesign and a specialized layout algorithm for note name internationalization.

At the Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen I studied German language full-time, continuing until B1 level.

At KIWI I developed and released an overhauled version of their web-based portal for housing companies, covering back-end work (Python, Flask), database refactoring (PostgreSQL), front-end design and implementation (ES6 Javascript, Backbone, Foundation CSS), build system re-tooling (NodeJS, Gulp), and deployment (Kubernetes).

My work at KIWI was often truly full-stack, with tasks requiring me to flash hardware to test new firmware, delve into dense SQL queries, all the way up to UI-design and user-experience considerations; even some graphic-design.

At Mediaware I worked on high-performance video processing for broadcast television. It was a unique challenge to meet hard real-time requirements for lossless MPEG transformations. I was engaged in C++ performance analysis, debugging and feature development on a large codebase. It was a mid-sized Agile team adhering to well-defined processes for issue-tracking, continuous integration, customer feedback and development iterations.

I helped develop the company's flagship product InStream, a high-performance multi-threaded video processing service for broadcast television. Also engaged in R&D, producing working prototypes for new products - one of which went on to be used by Australian firefighting services.

At NCH Software I was responsible for creating several native desktop applications from scratch, including a non-destructive photo editor and musical notation software. Initial concept, design, mockups, prototyping, development and release was handled either solo or in small teams. Highlights:

  • Designed a unique modeless editing UI for sheet music.
  • Implemented a dynamic level-of-detail system for smoothly scaling fast fourier transform visualizations.
  • Developed a high-performance non-destructive image transformation and layering system.

At the Academy for Interactive Entertainment in Canberra I studied both graphics programming (C++) and 3D art/modeling. Some of the software covered was Unreal Engine and 3ds Max.

  • Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development
  • Cert IV in 3D Animation for Games and Film

Personal Projects

Phoneparty (WIP)

  • Go
  • WebRTC
  • WebGL
  • JS

A framework for multiplayer party games, with a Golang-based server which uses websockets to broker WebRTC connections between web browsers.